The Vending and Affixing Machine Coils of New Zealand

by Stanley J. Kundin.
Published 2009. 
Note: Since the tragic fire at his home, that claimed both his life and his collection, this publication provides the only remaining reference for many irretreviably lost items.
This book, Monograph 15 in the series, is subtitled “A study of the stamps, the machines and some of the personalities involved”.  With colour throughout, it describes in detail the Dickie Brown machine, the trials and the Parker vending machine.  There are chapters on identifying the different trial coils, the commercial development of the Dickie Brown Vending machine, early machines and vending machine coils.  The postage stamps covered range from the first 1d Universals through to the last QEII design issue of 1978.

Also covered are the affixing machine coils and the test, dummy and training coils, together with appendices.  The A4 size hardcover monograph of 148 pages is a comprehensive coverage of this fascinating aspect of New Zealand philately.  This is a Limited Edition of only 250 copies.

Special price to clear: NZ$25 (Members) or $35 (Non-members) +p&p

At the 11th NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition held at Palmerston North in June, this book was awarded Gold with Felicitations.