Parcel Carriage Labels of New Zealand


The Parcel Carriage Labels of New Zealand

Adam Miller

A4, full colour, 100 pages, ring-bound. 

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Adam Miller has collected together a comprehensive A-Z listing of New Zealand’s parcel carriage labels – over 1100 different from about 70 issuers.  Covering from the earliest known from the 1890’s, the book continues through to just before the rise of the peel & stick Courier types, generally around 1980-85. 

All the well-known names are here, including The New Zealand Express Co., New Zealand Railways Road Services, Midland, Newmans and Mt Cook Lines.  Many less well-known companies are also covered, some recorded for the first time, including bus companies such as Blue Bus, Hodgson’s Motors or Strathmore; freight carriers like E. Birch or A.B. Wright; and even launch services carrying packages on their normal mail contract runs.

Major and minor varieties of format, separation, colour and font are noted, as are receipt parts, booklets, instructional labels and cancellations.  All non-instructional items have been given a rarity rating, from RRR (1-2 copies known) to C (over 50 copies).  Most are recorded as less than 10 copies.

There are 4 pages of introductory matter, plus a bibliography and reference section.  Deliberately excluded issuers (the more recent Couriers) are listed following the Index.  Each copy has affixed to the title leaf a half-pane of 4 of the 20c Johnson’s Launch label overprinted for Kamahi Launch Services.
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Some samples pages, and the Index follow...
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