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Every issue has some (semi-)regular articles, including:

* Editor's Corner (formerly Brian Vincent, now Richard Bloxham)
* Sideface Corner (normally Robin Gwynn)
* New Zealand Stamp Notes (to end 2012, Brian Vincent),  Restarted December 2015 (Alan Tunnicliffe)

* Book Reviews
* New Zealand Philatelic Federation news (to end 2014)

Articles are normally illustrated, with those in colour noted until March 2015 when the journal went full colour..
Tables of contents for the A4-sized issues are listed below. Full indexes from 1919-1994, and from 1995 to 2004 are available. Back Issues of the NZSC are usually available at NZ $8 each.
Some articles are reproduced on the website, and are linked.
June 2020 100/2
  • The 2½d Sideface with green Advertisements (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Farthing Discount stamp - Legal and Illegal Usage (G.I. Robertsonn)
  • No. 658 Private James Penley 50th Regiment (Queen's Own) New Zealand 1863-1867 (Gerald Ellott & John Gahagan)
  • Closing the Scott Base Post Office (Mark Jurisich)
  • The 'Goldilocks' line perforations of De La Rue on New Zealand 1936-7 2½d Mt Cook & Lilies Pictorial (Geoff Rickards)
  • Niue stamps and their postmarks - an update (Brian Vincent & Andrew McNiven)
  • Census of dated items bearing New Zealand Chalons (Klaus Møller)
  • Recent updates to the Society's Archive Holdings (Adam Miller)
  • NZ Queen Victoria Die I 1d Stamp Duty "White Thread" flaws (Adam Miller)
  • Sir Frederick Whitaker, KCMG (1812-1891) (1812-1891) (Brian Vincent)

March 2020 100/1
  • New Zealand's Earliest First day Cover [Sideface Corner] (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 1919 Apia "Mute" Loose Letter Obliterator (D.A.T. Mee)
  • (1930 Christchurch to Perth) Investigating an Air Mail Cover (Doug Tennant)
  • Latest Usage of Chalons (Klaus Møller & Gerald Ellott)
  • The Compound Line Perforations of New Zealand 1936-7 - 2½d Mt Cook & Lilies Pictorial Definitive (Geoff Rickards)
  • Origin of the term "Pigeongram" (G.I. Robertson)

December 2019 99/4
  • First Sideface 'Provisional Imperforates'? (Mark Benvie)
  • Turning Lemons in Oranges : the 1/3d Arms Stamp (Steven Ferguson)
  • New Zealand Wages Tax stamps; Colour trials, specimen cancellations and 'CLEANED' stamps (Jim Shaw)
  • Post Office 'Found Open - Officially Sealed' Labels Part 5:  1953-1966 Types 8 & 9 labels (Alan Craig & Lindsay Chitty)
  • King George V First Day Covers - New Finds (Stephen Jones)
  • A spectacular 1857 cover from Wellington to Halifax, via Peru (Klaus Møller)
  • Tokelau stamps and their postmarks - an update (Brian Vincent & Andrew McNiven)

September 2019 99/3
  • The 5d Sideface Issue and its Postal Uses - 2 (Robin Gwynn)
  • 'CLEANED' Queen Victoria Long type Duty stamps make their re-appearance (Geoff Rickards)
  • Operation Deep Freeze 60 - Bellinghausen Sea Expedition (Paul Wales)
  • De La Rue.'s Comb Head 3 on New Zealand's Second Pictorial 2d Whare (Geoff Rickards)
  • The New Zealand London Print One Penny - The Search for a Reliable, Repeatable Test (Robert Odenweller & Gene Hall)
  • Annual Report RPSNZ 2019 (Lindsay Chitty)

June 2019 99/2
  • The 5d Sideface Issue and its Postal Uses - 1 (Robin Gwynn)
  • The National Ozone Expeditions 1986-88 (Mark Jurisich)
  • Postal Fraud in the Nelson Postal District - 1859 (Andrew Gould)
  • The Indian State of Sikkim (Brian G. Vincent)
  • New Zealand Post Office Mailbag Labels (Adam Miller) (Full Listing)
  • Why were several examples of the 'imperforate' 3d brown lilac Chalon used as late as 1867 after having been printed in 1862 (Klaus Møller)
  • Early New Zealand Obliterators with Vertical Bars (Geoff Rickards)

March 2019 99/1
  • Reunited! (1881 Taraua wreck cover and its Ambulance cover) (Robin Gwynn)
  • Post Office 'Found Open - Officially Sealed' Labels Part 4:  1928-1963 Type 7 labels (Alan Craig & Lindsay Chitty)
  • Unselected 1898 Pictorial Designs from the RPSNZ Archives (Richard Bloxham)

December 2018 98/4
  • (2d London Print) Earliest and Latest Issues {Letter} (Klaus Møller)
  • First Sideface stamps with compound or mixed perforations near 12 and 12½ (Robin Gwynn)
  • New Zealand SG1 - Allocation, Usage and Numbers Surviving (Grant Clifford)
  • (1935 1d Kiwi) Two 'missing' booklet panes of stamps make their debut (Geoff Rickards)
  • Were the Perkins, Bacon '6' Obliterators ever distributed and used on the New Zealand Chalons? Part 2 The 1858-1873 Period  (Klaus Møller & Robert Odenweller)
  • When Postal History is Social History - an early Nelson story (1853 stampless letter (Andrew Gould)
  • The 'Country Name' (inscription) on New Zealand postage stamps 1855-2017 (Brian Marshall)
  • (1936 1s) New Zealand Unemployment Tax - a possible double impression? {Note} (Jim Shaw)
  • Papers and Perforations used during the Printing of the 1935 Pictorial Definitive stamps of New Zealand during the London Blitz (Lionel Savins)
  • Census of Dated Items bearing Chalon London prints and Richardson Blue and White Paper prints (Klaus Møller) {see also Items of Interest for full spreadsheet}

September 2018 98/3
  • Oteraia 1874 - Another interesting postal manuscript cover (Robin Gwynn)
  • An analysis of a tri-colour mixed-issue Chalon cover from 1862 (Klaus Møller)
  • The 'Rugby' Inkjet Slogans used in New Zealand Part Two (Brian Vincent)
  • Arthur Powell - An Auckland Stamp Dealer (Brian Marshall)
  • New Zealand's 1980 20c Shell single-pane booklet - an unrecorded variety (Geoff Rickards)
  • The Wanganui Perkins, Bacon '12' and '8' Obliterators on the New Zealand Chalon issues (Kevin Luff Klaus Møller)

June 2018 98/2
  • Postal History aspects of the 'Sideface' period (Robin Gwynn)
  • London Print 1/- incl. the 1/- on Blue paper (Robert Odenweller)
  • New Zealand's 1936 "first-of-a-kind" 1d Kiwi stamp booklet: its printing plate,panes and perforations (Geoff Rickards)
  • Regular and irregular use of the 1d rate during the Chalon era (Andrew Gould & Klaus Møller)
  • The 'Rugby' Inkjet slogans used in New Zealand: Part One (Brian Vincent)

March 2018 98/1
  • First Sideface stamps with compound or mixed perforations near 12 or 12½ (Robin Gwynn)
  • Errors in Terminology [FFQ Colonial rate] (Robert Odenweller)
  • New Zealand's 1935 "one-of-a-kind" 1d Kiwi stamp booklet: its printing plate,panes and perforations (Geoff Rickards)
  • 1946 Peace 8d constant "Z flaw" and CP imprint flaws - new findings (Paul McTaggart)
  • Changes to FastPost from 1 January 2018 (Brian Vincent)
  • A late-use Chalon cover from Dunedin to Switzerland [1875] (Klaus Møller)
  • Ernest Moss - Inventor, Entrepreneur (G.I. Robertson)
  • Harrold Woodman - Soldier, Patrol Officer, Philatelist (David Miner)
  • Beauty and the "Ugly Duckling" - The 1923 Map stamp and the Pompeian Manufacturing Co (Brian Marshall)
  • An early UK embossed Duty Stamp [1801 15s blue] (Chas Dean)

December 2017 97/4
  • The 2d London and Blue Paper Printings (Robert Odenweller)
  • The 1936 ANZAC stamp (Graeme Morriss)
  • The 1935 8d Official First Day Cover (Stephen Jones)
  • Post Office 'Found Open - Officially Sealed' Labels Part 3:  1903-1920 Types 4, 5 & 6 labels (Alan Craig & Lindsay Chitty)
  • New Zealand 2d Whare Pictorial perforated Widthwise 14x13½  (Geoff Rickards)
  • President's Report (Lindsay Chitty)

September 2017 97/3
  • An unusual Marine Post Office item from 1893 (Hawaiian stamps) (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Postal Fiscals - Developing a defniitive list of printings (Andrew Spwnce & Paul Woods)
  • The 1959-60 Northern Victoria Land Traverse, Antarctica (Mark Jurisich)
  • New Zealand Post's Limited Edition Packs - a Further Update (Andrew McNiven & Brian Vincent)
  • Guide Dots on the Chalon Two Pence printing plate (Plate One) (Andrew Gould)
  • Were the Perkins, Bacon '6' Obliterators ever distributed and used on the New Zealand Chalons? Part 1: Introduction and the 1855-1858 Period  (Klaus Møller & Robert Odenweller)

June 2017 97/2
  • Chalon pre-printing folds and perforation error {Letter} (Grant Clifford)
  • The 'Nova Scotia' Essays of c.1871 (Robin Gwynn)
  • Perkins Bacon Obliterators on the 2d 'London Print' Chalon (Klaus Møller)
  • Pigeon Mail Services {Note} (Brian Vincent)
  • Post Office 'Found Open - Officially Sealed' Labels Part 2: 1897-1904 types 1 & 2 (Alan Craig & Lindsay Chitty)
  • The 1904 Wairau River Mail-coach Disaster (Alan Craig)
  • The Mysterious New Zealand £75 Yellow QV Postal Fiscal stamp - fact, fiction, fake or proof? (Paul Woods)
  • The Comac Franking Machine: Unused 1d and 4d Dies (G.I. Robertson)
  • Rural Post - Akaroa's Eastern Bays (George Stewart)
  • Redrawn Surface Print of the Penny Universal (CP G11) (Frank Parkinson)

March 2017 97/1
  • Postal Usage of the 2/- First Sideface (Robin Gwynn)
  • Stages in early Chalon Knowledge (Robert Odenweller)
  • A Rare Archive of Nine Covers sent from New Zealand to Scotland in the years 1866 to 1870 (Klaus Møller)
  • Three early Philatelic Journals published in Auckland (Brian Marshall)
  • Papers & Perforations of the 2d Whare after the London Blitz (Lionel Savins)
  • Post Office 'Found Open - Officially Sealed' Labels Part 1: 1882-1897 types 1 & 2 (Alan Craig & Lindsay Chitty)
  • C.T. Batkin - The first Secretary of Stamps (cont.) (G.I. Robertson)

December 2016 96/4
  • Provisional imperforate Chalons {Letter} (Klaus Møller)
  • Database of Chalon pre-printing folds {Letter} (Wayne Hillary)
  • Blues paper varieties on First Sidefaces (Robin Gwynn)
  • Death of a Postmaster (William Hulme) (Robert Odenweller)
  • Another Chalon paper pleat pairing (Andrew Gould)
  • A major Chalon Overlap Discovery (Andrew Gould)
  • Chalon Buyers Beware! (Forgeries and Fakery) (Andrew Gould, Jim Hinkley & Klaus Møller)
  • Date-stamp Usage by the Stamp Department (G.I. Robertson)
  • 1929 Murchison Earthquake letter (Vince Neall)
  • C.T. Batkin - The first Secretary of Stamps (G.I. Robertson)

September 2016 96/3
  • First Use of the New Zealand Chalon 2d Plate II {Letter}  (Gerald Ellott)
  • Sideface Corner: Double Perf 10 - Accident or Design (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • Chalon Corner: The London Prints (Robert Odenweller)
  • New Zealand Chalon Pre-printing Paper Pleat Pairings (Andrew Gould)
  • The 2015 All Blacks Jersey Stamp (Brian Vincent)
  • NZ CALS: Part 2: The Tibetan Flag and 'Proof CALs' Controversies (Klaus Møller)
  • An 1899 ½d Pre-stamped Envelope used in 1968 (Doug Tennant)
  • Annual Report 2015-16 (Terry HancoxLindsay Chitty)
  • Philately in Auckland in the 1890s (Brian Marshall)
  • 2001 Centenary of Tourism {corrections of Illustrations}

June 2016 96/2
  • Corner Folds: 1882 {Letter} (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • Cleaning of Oxidized Stamps: 1d Orange FFQ {Letter} (Klaus Møller)
  • A Forged Mized Perforation: 2d 1882 (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • Late Use Chalons (Andrew Gould)
  • Perforating the New Zealand One Penny Chalon 1865-1873: John Davies printing on Large Star watermarked paper (Grant Clifford)
  • NZ CALS: Part 1 CLAs and their Short History (Klaus Møller)
  • The i-Site Regional Stamp Booklets (Alan Tunnicliffe)
  • 1957 Lamb Export Trade Colour Proofs (Terry Hancox)

March 2016 96/1
  • Congratulation to Gerald Ellott MNZM (Jenny Banfield)
  • 1878 First Sideface 2s mixed perf 12x11½ and nearly 12 - a new discovery (Martin Sherwin)
  • Universal Mail - An unusual hang-sell strip (Brian Vincent)
  • 1955 3d+1d health stamp printing repair (Andrew Gould)
  • Resale of the early Chalon issues (G.I. Robertson)
  • 2001 Centenary of Tourism - self-adhesive stamps (Terry Hancox)
  • The Commercial Papers rate in New Zealand (Jim Shaw)
  • The Rt. Hon. R.J. (Bob) Tizard CNZM, Hon. RPSNZ [obit.} (Gerald Ellott)
  • Philatelic Research - How to look after your collection {Book Review}

December 2015 95/3
  • Lands & Deeds stamps: DIe and colour proofs (G.I. Robertson)
  • Sheet patching - last use and 'invert' explanation? (Ken Markham)
  • Chalon Provisional imperforate singles (Robert Odenweller)
  • Corner Folds (Frank Parkinson)
  • The 1974 NZ Day miniature sheet (Terry Hancox)
  • Revisiting the withdrawn 1996 Teddy Dear health stamps (Klaus Møller)
  • Phonopost (Fonopost) (Brian Vincent)
  • Princess Tonomaroanu - the scam of 1897! (Lindsay Chitty)
  • A dangerous New Zealand Chalon forgery, revisited [4d rose] (Robert Odenweller)
  • The story behind the cover - Waipara, Gloaming & Greenwood (Len Jury)

September 2015 95/3
  • Raoul De Thuin Chalon bisect forgeries (Andrew Gould)
  • SSF Advertisement research (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 1936 ANZAC stamp (Terry Hancox)
  • New Zealand: Masters of salvage (replacing defective stamps in sheets) (Robert Odenweller)
  • Stamps overprinted "PASSPORT FEE" - further notes (G.I. Robertson)
  • Adhesive Paste Wafers (for sealing envelopes) (G.I. Robertson)
  • Te Papa meeting, 25th August 2015 - the 1935 Pictorials (Adam Miller)
  • Annual Report 2014-15:  A Year of challenge and change (LIndsay Chitty)
  • Bequests to the Royal [form]
June 2015 95/2

March 2015 95/1
  • Fergusson & Mitchell {letters} (G.I. Robertson, William Carson)
  • Second Sidefaces - the introduction of stamps perforated 11 all round (Robin Gwynn)
  • A dangerous Chalon Forgery [6d brown Richardson]  (Robert Odenweller)
  • Fact, Fiction or Forgery: A new Richardson Bisect Discovery? (Gerald Ellott & Andrew Gould)
  • A Chalon pre-stamped cover of 1855 (Andrew Gould)
  • Post Office Postal Stationery Wrappers of New Zealand - An Update (Dr John Courtis)
  • NZ Post New Issues 2014 (Alan Tunnicliffe)

December 2014 94/4
  • Fergusson & Mitchell {letter} (Alan Wise)
  • Postally Used [high value long type postal fiscals] (Robin Gwynn)
  • Linley Richardson's re-design of the 1923 Map stamp (Brian Marshall)
  • Printing Flaws of the 7d Airmail issue of New Zealand - an update (D Tennant)
  • New Zealand 1900 ½d Mt Cook - a London/Local hybrid (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • First use of the New Zealand Chalon 2d plate II (Brian Rumsey & Robert Odenweller)
  • New Zealand Social Security stamps - varieties and fakes (Jim Shaw)
  • Israel Foreign Postal Rates May 16 1948 to December 31 1954 (Ed Kroft)
  • Baypex 2014 report

September 2014 94/3
  • Early stamp separation: more speculation {letter} (G.I. Robertson)
  • Biodegradable stamps - with planting instructions
  • Unidentified obliterators on sidefaces (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Highest Post Office in the World (Brian Vincent)
  • 1898 Pictorial Waterlow sample stamps (George Stewart)
  • Publication dates of The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Volumes I & X (D. Tennant)
  • Curious Chalons Challenge Convention (Andrew Gould)
  • Queen Victoria Lettercard Perforation variety (Alan S. Craig)
  • Israel Foreign Postal Rates - May 16 1948 to December 31 1951 (Ed Kroft)
  • Annual Report 2013-2014 - Time to Celebrate (Tony Thackery)
  • RPSNZ 125th Anniversary Celebrations [photos]

June 2014 94/2
  • 'Sea Post Office F' - further thoughts on an unusal cancel on first sideface high values (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • Revisiting the withdrawn 2006 Maori Performing Arts issue (Klaus Møller, colour)
  • New Zealand Wages Tax (Jim Shaw, colour)
  • The Four Perforating Heads used by De La Rue on NZ 1942 2d, 2½d, 5d,1s, 2s & 3s Pictorials VI (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • Early Stamp Separation: More Speculation (G.I. Robertson)

March 2014 94/1
  • New reports of QV sideface covers with higher frankings (Robin Gwynn)
  • 5d SSF reversed watermark: Old Stamp, New Secret (Robert Lyon)
  • Two new printing flaws of the 7d Air Mail issue of New Zealand (D. Tennant, colour)
  • The Four Perforating Heads used by De La Rue on NZ 1942 2½d, 5d, 2s & 3s Pictorials V (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • Usage of New Zealand Duty Stamps overprinted 'SAMOA' or 'WESTERN SAMOA' (G.I. Robertson)

December 2013 93/4
  • Stamp Varieties - an aid in sorting higher value advertising stamps? (Robin Gwynn)
  • Nuances of the Perkins Bacon 1854 NZ Chalon printing plates - recut frame lines on 2d plate 1 (Andrew Gould)
  • An update on the Waterlow Sample - Die Prints (Neil Fenwick)
  • Warwick Paterson {obit.} (Gerald Ellott)
  • Our 125th Anniversary Celebrations
  • The Four Perforating Heads used by De La Rue on NZ 1942 2½d, 5d, 2s & 3s Pictorials IV (Geoff Rickards)
  • Miss Katherine Jackson (George Stewart)
  • New Zealand's Fiscal Full Face Queens - or FFFQs! (David Smitham)
This issue is the last under the Editorship of Brian Vincent.

September 2013 93/3
  • 2/- sideface on 1878 cover (Robin Gwynn)
  • New Zealand Revenue Stamps overprinted 'SPECIMEN' (G.I. Robertson)
  • New Zealand ½d Newspaper stamp (Jim Shaw)
  • The Four Perforating Heads used by De La Rue on NZ 1942 2½d, 5d, 2s & 3s Pictorials III (Geoff Rickards)
  • Annual Report (Tony Thackery)

June 2013 93/2
  • First Sideface: Highest Recorded Frankings (Robin Gwynn)
  • Sales of the 1898 Pictorials in London (Jeff Long)
  • A Pigeon Post Puzzle [Marotiri Island in black] (David Smitham)
  • New Zealand Railway Travelling Post Offices - An update (Anthony Nicholson)
  • London Print 1855 1d Dull Carmine on Cover (Andrew Gould)
  • The four perforating heads used by De La Rue on NZ 1942 2½d, 5d, 2s & 3s Pictorials II. (Geoff Rickards)
  • Telegram Seals Instructional Brochure (G I Robertson)

March 2013 93/1
  • Computer Technology helps find hidden gems [Sideface Corner, Rev NZ wmk, double adson print] (Robert Lyon)
  • New Zealand Revenues 1871-2 Series (David Smitham)
  • Replacement of Duty Stamps by Mechanised Stamping (G I Roberson)
  • The Helio Vaugirard Miniature Sheets (Neil Fenwick, colour)
  • The four perforating heads used by De La Rue on NZ 1942 2½d, 5d, 2s & 3s Pictorials I. (Geoff Rickards, colour)

December 2012 92/4
  • An early Auckland Squared Circle Cancellation (Robin Gwynn)
  • New Zealand Chalon re-discoveries from the Auction Record (Andrew Gould)
  • Thomas Cook Mail Service WWII - The New Zealand Notice (George Stewart)
  • 1949 Proposed Royal Visit Cover - An example used in 1963 (Doug Tennant)
  • What did go on at Waterlow & Sons in 1897? (Geoff Rickards)

September 2012 92/3
  • Winstones Ltd Postal Stationery Card (Jonathan Barkley)
  • Who is the 'PONEKE' Brand: New Information about this Mysterious Company (Robert Lyon)
  • The Re-drawn plates of 1900: New assessment of the Scratched Markings (Derek Diamond & Patrick Brownsey)
  • A WAKI-/2478 and WAKA-/2478. A Top-up (1898 Pictorial 2½d) (Geoff Rickards)
  • New Zealand Perfins: Further new findings (G.I. Robertson)  
  • Annual Report

June 2012 92/2
  • 1941 King George VI Two Pence Social Size envelope {letter} (Stephen Prest)
  • Robin McGill Startup {Obit.} (Gerald Ellott)
  • Seasons Greetings of 1914-15 from Samoa (D.A.T. Mee)
  • The New Zealand Chalons with a Stitch Watermark (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • Stamp Duty Not Paid [Bank of Education cheques] (G.I. Robertson)  
  • (Second Sidefaces) Highest Recorded Frankings (Robin Gwynn)
  • Robin Gwynn RDP {photo}
  • (1898 2½d) How did Waki- become Waka- in 1897 (Geoff Rickards, colour)

March 2012 92/1
  • (Second Sidefaces) Highest recorded frankings on cover, and an unusual philatelic concoction (Robin Gywnn)
  • Revisiting the "Lewis Proofs" (David Smitham)
  • Are all Long Types created equal? [Relative scarcity] (Andrew Spence)
  • The perforations of the 4d Mitre Peak stamp on Coarse paper (Lionel H Savins)
  • Philatelic Fiction (Brian Marshall)  
  • Thomas Cook Mail Service WWII (George Stewart)
  • 1936 KGV 1d Australian Die printed to private order envelope - A major new discovery! (Stephen Prest & Patrick Skinner)
  • The Waikaremoana-Wairoa Pigeon Post (Des Hurley)
  • Des Hurley FRPSNZ, D. John Wilson, Stanley Kundin [Obits]
December 2011 91/4
  • Rhodes Medal presented to Brian Vincent (photo)
  • (Second Sidefaces) Interesting Pairings (1d perf 12½ all around, wiper blade flaws, Transient flaws) (Robin Gywnn)
  • A Philatelic View of the Canadian Flag Debate (D.B. Tennant)
  • Identifying your (2½d) Wakatipu on cover (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • New Zealand Post Stamp Vending Machine Trial (B.G. Vincent, colour)
  • "CLEANED": An uncatalogued and all-but-forgotten variety of New Zealand Stamps (Geoff Rickards, colour)  

September 2011 91/3
  • Reprints, New Printings, Further printings  {letters}(John Watts, Gerald Ellott)
  • A Pleat to end all Pleats? (3d 1946 Peace) (Geoff Rickards & Brian Vincent, colour)
  • 'Catch-up' - A further follow-up (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • Highest Recorded Frankings on cover (First & Second sidefaces)(Robin Gwynn, colour)
  • 1898 First A.R. form (Jeff Long)
  • 14c on 10c Queen Elizabeth II Counter Rolls (David Smitham)
  • Annual Report 
  • Jack Hughes {Obit.} (D.A.T. Mee 


June 2011 91/2
  • 1941 King George VI Two Pence Social Size Envelope {letter}(Stephen F. Prest)
  • A Study of the First Issue of New Zealand Post's Non-denominated (NVI) Kiwi stamps (Brian G. Vincent & Geoff K. Rickards, colour)
  • An 1854 cover from New Zealand to the USA: Setting the routing record straight (Bob Watson, colour)
  • Updating 1882 Usages(Robin Gwynn)
  • Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand 125th Anniversary 2013 (Tony Thackery)
  • Russian Flag Day (Jeff Long)

March 2011 91/1

  • "Reprints", "New" Printings or "Further" Printings? - A matter of terminology (B.G. Vincent)
  • Printing Dates of Advertisement Stamps 1893-94 (Robin Gwynn)
  • Official Paid (Russian Day 5 May 1916) (Gerald Ellott)
  • Squat and Lanky N.Z. Queen Victoria 2d Lilac & Government Life 15c Dog Island stamps(Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • A method for distinguishing sideways vs. upright watermarked paper of engraved stamps on piece (Derek Diamond & Geoff Rickards)
  • The Telegram Seals of New Zealand, 1910-1962 (Adam Miller)
  • Colin Larsen FRPSNZ, Allan Berry FRPSL, FRPSNZ [Obits.] (John Campbell, David Beech)

December 2010 90/4
  • Major new sideface discovery - 4d SSF perf 10x11 reperforated 12½ (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • Richard Armstrong FRPSNZ [Obit.] (Gerald Ellott)
  • What the King Thought (1937 Coronation design) (George Stewart)
  • Prefix Initials of Ships' Names (John Kersel)
  • Those Inverts Again! (1898 6d OFFICIAL inverted overprint) (Jeff Long, Geoff Rickards)
  • Recent findings on the issue and usage of the first Duty stamps: January to March 1867 (G.I. Robertson)
  • New Zealand's Numeric King George VI Counter Rolls (David Smitham, colour)

  September 2010 90/3
  • Annual Report 2009-2010 (Tony Thackery)
  • To Flouresce or not to Flouresce [15c Dog Island Government Life] (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • New Zealand pre-1970 Cinderellas - some new finds (Adam Miller, colour)
  • Two types of 1920 Lettercard: 1½d KGV orange-brown +½d KEdVII green (Alastair Watson, colour)
  • 'Sea Post Office F': an unusual cancel on First Sideface high values (Robyn Gwynn)
  • 1964 & 1965 NZOI Expeditions to the Balleny Islands, Antarctica (Mark Jurisich & Dr. David Larson Jr)
  • Rhodes Medal awarded to Robin Gwynn

  June 2010 90/2
  • 1970 Definitive Booklet and 4c Inverted Wing Vein [Letters] (John Watts & Geoff Rickards)
  • Second Sidefaces selvedge markings: Back to the Drawing Board (Robin Gwynn)
  • The little-known "D" Mail Systems and some associated labels (Des Hurley)
  • Squat & Lanky local Pictorials - 1900 adhesives and pre-stamped envelopes (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • Revenues 1880 essays/colour trial
  • A Royal hand-out - the Windsor war-time cachet (Des Hurley)
  • The Official Frank of the Postmaster-General used as a Cancellation (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • Customised Advertising Labels in support of Palmpex 2010 (Tony Thackery)

  March 2010 90/1
  • Second Sidefaces - New Zealand's Rarest stamps? The Sideface 'Abnormals' (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Original Pigeongram Commemorative Flimsies (Doug Tennant & Desmond Hurley)
  • A New Zealand AR form with its covering envelope (David Handelman)
  • New Zealand: The 1d London Print of 1855 on cover - a new discovery (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • Forgery & Internet Warning [Auckland Exhibition] (Martin Sherwin, colour)
  • King George V First Day Cover - An Important Find (Tony Thackery, colour)
  • New Zealand and the Postcard (Allan P. Berry)
  • New Zealand Perfins: Some recent findings  (G.I. Robertson)

  December 2009 89/4
  • Second Sidefaces - The Final Issue (1900) (Robin Gwynn)
  • 6d green Railways Newspaper stamp with Confetti flaw (Adam Miller)
  • Recent Philatelic Acquisitions by Te Papa (Patrick Brownsey)
  • Double, Inverted and Albino impressions at top-left [QV T H Hall envelope] (Geoff Rickards & Brian Vincent, colour)
  • The 1970 Puriri Moth with Inverted wing veins (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • The Lake Taupo Inverted Centre: Longest Running Mystery in N.Z. Philately (Derek Diamond, colour)
  • Provisional Coils (Tony Ward)
  • Raoul Island and Scott Base memories(Keith Rodgers)
  • Philatelic Research - A basic guide (David R Beech)

 September 2009 89/3

  • QV second design Duty Stamp overprinted 'COLONIAS' (G.I. Robertson)
  • 1960 Pictorial issue 'Lightning Rolls' [letter] (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • [1898] Squat and Lanky London Pictorials (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • Early use of the 'AR' service in New Zealand (Paul Wreglesworth & Jeff Long, colour)
  • Annual Report (Adam Miller)
  • 1d Universal First Day Covers: Milton Mills? (Tony Thackery)
  • Would the real 'NZ' watermark please stand up? (Robin Gwynn)

June 2009 89/2

  • Jim Brodie [Obit.] (Des Hurley)
  • Second Sideface Marginal 'Cross' and 'Target' Markings (2) (Robin Gwynn)
  • Foodtown Stamp Envelopes (Geoff Rickards)
  • Additional KGVI 2d Social size envelopes have been reported (Bob Watson)
  • De La Rues or Waterlows [1898 Pictorials] (Jeff Long)
  • Pre-printing paper pleats (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • 1972 Scenic issue - an identification mishap (Alastair Watson)
  • The engraved 1935 Pictorial definitive stamps of New Zealand and the direction of their comb perforations (Lionel Savins)

 March 2009 89/1

  • Positioning plate scratches on early printings of the 2d second sideface (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • AJ (Bill) Moore [Obit.] (Bob Gibson)
  • Customised Advertising Labels - The Kiwipex and Timpex issues (David Smitham)
  • Waterlow Samples - Die Prints (Jeff Long)
  • New Zealand's Last 'Real' Stamp Booklet (Geoff Rickards, colour)
  • Papers Past: A valuable newspaper resource (Desmond Hurley)
  • A 1901 Pictorial Postcard, printed in brown (BG Vincent)
  • The earliest recorded use of a New Zealand stamp outside of Auckland (Tony Thackery)
  • Avis De Reception- An update (Jeff Long)
  • Astrophilately (BG Vincent)

 December 2008 88/4

  • Second Sideface Marginal 'Cross' and 'Target' markings (Robin Gwynn)
  • PALS, CALS or PPLS - A short history of business stamps in NZ (Alan Tunnicliffe)
  • Express Delivery Conundrum [1898 Pictorials Corner] (Jeff Long)
  • 1855 Distribution of our first stamps to the Provinces (R.M. Startup)
  • George Curtis Branam [Obit.] (Gerald Ellott)
  • Varieties of the 2d King George VI Social size envelope (Bob Watson)
  • Accessions to the RPSNZ Library from the David Jarvis bequest (Adam Miller)
  • A Rare Handstamp Discovered [FREE LYTTELTON] (Robert Odenweller)
  • Avis De Reception {Letter} (Paul Wreglesworth)

 September 2008 88/3

 June 2008 88/2

  • T.H. Hall & Co Envelopes - An Update (Geoff Rickards & Brian Vincent)
  • Combination First Sideface & 'Chalon Head' usages (Robin Gwynn)
  • Notes on New Zealand Revenues (G.I. Robertson)
  • Early Rugby on Great Barrier Island (Brian Vincent)
  • New Fellows Elected  - Mark Jurisich & Graham Robertson
  • The Stamp Printing Firms used by New Zealand Post 
  • 15th Game Bird Habitat Stamp (G.I. Robertson)
  • New Zealand Post recent issues & rejected designs (colour supplement)
  • 1957-58 Italian Antarctic Expedition (M.A. Jurisich & D.J. Larson Jr.)
  • Pigeon Post in Rhodesia (George Stewart)
  • New Zealand Post's Limited Edition Packs (B.G. Vincent)
  • Tokelau - An Update (B.G. Vincent)

 March 2008 88/1

  • Sideface corner - the 'chisel' & 'apostrophe' flaws (Robin Gwynn)
  • Early use of the 1900 Boer War stamp revisited (Tony Thackery)
  • CAL's (Personalised Postage Labels) (Brian Vincent)
  • Two new Fellows elected (George Branam & J. Edgar Williams)
  • The 1933 Health stamp design (Alan Baker)
  • Varieties in the 1970 Definitive Issue of New Zealand (Paul Wales) (illus. in colour)
  • T.H. Hall & Co Envelopes (Geoff Rickards & Brian Vincent) (illus. in colour) 
  • Wireless Station Censorship of mail in Samoa (D.A.T. Mee)

 December 2007 87/4

  • Sideface corner - A halfpenny's worth of extraordinary effort (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Reefton Provisionals (Gerald Ellott)
  • The New Zealand ship letter markings revisited (Gerald Ellott)
  • Early use of the Second Sidefaces (4d) (Paul Wreglesworth)
  • Early listings of NZ Chalons in catalogues and albums (G.I. Robertson)
  • The 1913 Auckland Exhibition controversy 100 years on (?) 
  • Forty years of decimal currency (Tony Thackery) 
  • Free posting on opening of Post Shop (B.G. Vincent)
  • Early use of the 1900 Boer War stamp (Tony Ward)
  • 1846 Table of Postage Rates
  • RF Joyce, the man behind the 1923 Map Stamp (Alan Tunnicliffe)

 September 2007 87/3

  • Sideface corner - reports of new sightings (1882 early usage, & postal fiscals) (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 'Reefton Provisionals' - a detective story (Robin Gwynn)
  • The catalogue status of the 'Kapa Haka' stamps (Ken Markham)
  • Obituaries (John McCall Thomson, David Jarvis)
  • Annual Report 2006-07 (Brian Vincent)

 June 2007 87/2

  • 1893 advertisement stamps perforated 12x11½ (Robin Gwynn)
  • Exhibition souvenirs for the RPSNZ Exhibitions - Part 3 (Adam Miller)
  • The 1933 Health Stamp design (Tony Hancox)
  • 1933 Health Stamp cloud varieties (Tony Hancox)
  • Innovations of the 1996 Scenic self-adhesives (Geoff Rickards & Doug Tennant)

March 2007 87/1

  • 1893 advertisement stamps (Robin Gwynn)
  • 2c on 2½c Moth (Terry Hancox)
  • Exhibition souvenirs for the RPSNZ Exhibitions - Part 2 (Adam Miller)
  • The 1923 map stamp (Brian Marshall)

December 2006 86/4

  • 1893 advertisement stamps (Robin Gwynn)
  • A letter from H.J. Knowles (Jan-Stefan Lander)
  • New Zealand Ship Letter Markings (Gerald Ellott)
  • Confetti Flaws (Terry Hancox)
  • Exhibition souvenirs for the RPSNZ Exhibitions - Part 1 (Adam Miller)

September 2006 86/3

  • A new book on the 1893 advertisement stamps (R. Gwynn)
  • The ½d Peace Stamp (T. Hancox)
  • A Family Cover (G. Stewart)
  • Yet more possible varieties of the 1935 2/- Captain Cook (T. Jacob)
  • 1965 ANZAC 50th anniversary issue - 4d. varieties (T. Jacob)
  • New Fellow of the RPSNZ (B.G. Vincent)
  • NZ postally used newspaper wrappers (A.P. Berry)
  • Obliterator "C over 2" ( P. Olorenshaw)
  • Rugby at the Olympic Games (B.G. Vincent)

June 2006 86/2

  • Recent auctions set new price levels (second sidefaceS)  (R. Gwynn)
  • The 2/- and 3/- Admirals and the 1d Field Marshall (Tony Thackery)
  • $2.00 Olympic Games inverted 'hologram' (A.P. Berry)
  • The Government Life postage stamps 1891-1906 revisited (A.P. Berry)
  • New Zealand's postally used newspaper wrappers (John Courtis)
  • The ½d Peace Stamp (Andrew Dove)

March 2006 86/1

  • Second sidefaces with compound and mixed perfs 12½ and 11 (R. Gwynn)
  • Early use of the Second Sidefaces (P. Wreglesworth)
  • How to look after your collection - a basic guide (D.R. Beech)
  • Censored cover - 'scissored' (R. Startup)
  • Numbered "PAID" rubber hand-stamps (G.I Robertson)
  • Diplomatic mail labels (G. Stewart)
  • 1946 Peace Lake Matheson (T. Hancox)
  • More possible variations on the 1935 2/- Captain Cook (T. Jacob)
  • 2006 NZ game bird habitat licence stamp (G.I Roberston)

December 2005 85/4

  • The early ½d Newspaper stamp - more musings on the strange case of the Missing Gum (R. Gwynn)
  • Another Mystery: the Bisects of the late 1890s (R. Gwynn)
  • The NSW Consumptives Home issue of 1897 (P. Viala)
  • The Maori District Council franks (A.P. Berry)
  • NZ impressed duty stamps: 2. Value stamps (G.I. Robertson)
  • New Zealand's royal cypher labels (G.I. Robertson)
  • More possible new states of flaws on the 1935 2/- (A. Jacob)
  • Book Reviews (A.P. Berry and G.I. Robertson)

September 2005 85/3

  • The early ½d Newspaper stamp - issued without gum? (R. Gwynn)
  • Centenary of the stamp vending machine (A. Tunnicliffe)
  • Centenary of Robert Dickie's stamp vending machine (T. Thackery)
  • The 1-1-7 printing of the 1982 24c map stamp (G. Rickards)
  • Early rugby picture postcards (B. Vincent)
  • Stamped - a keen stamp collector's impression (N. Fenwick)
  • New early state of flaws on 1935 2/- Captain Cook (T. Jacob)

June 2005 85/2

  • The early use of stamps in NZ 1855-56 (R. Gwynn)
  • New Zealand Philately at the British Library (D.R. Beech)
  • Auckland to Finland June 12 1882 (R. Marshall)
  • The Royal Philatelic Collection (M. Sefi)
  • 20 July 1855 - a momentous date in NZ philately (R. Startup)

March 2005 85/1

  • Cataloguing the 1882 Provisionals (Robin Gwynn)
  • The window envelope celebrates its centennial (G.I. Robertson)
  • NZ High Commission, London'OFFICIAL PAID' datestamps (G.I. Robertson, R.M. Startup)
  • Tonga 2002-2004 provisionals (S. Zirinsky)
  • New Zealand Notes (B.G. Vincent)
  • Game-bird habitat stamps 2003-2005 (G.I Robertson)

(Includes reprinted colour pages 115-118 from NZSC Vol. 84 No. 4 December 2004)

December 2004 84/4

  • The status of the long type postal fiscal (2) (Robin Gwynn)
  • Local post charge - Province of Otago (G. Francis)
  • The Emperor of sewing machines (P. Wreglesworth)
  • Chambon - more than just a perforation (P. Wreglesworth)
  • Tongan revenue stamps (S. Zirensky)
  • 'Catch-up'- a new variety from offset lithography (G. Rickards)
  • New Zealand Notes (B.G. Vincent)

September 2004 84/3

  • The status of the long type postal fiscal (1) (Robin Gwynn)
  • A new early state of the 'coconuts' flaw (T. Jacob)
  • Genuinely Used Teddy Bears (M. Sherwin)
  • Local post use in Otago? (P. Olorenshaw)
  • A century of postage meter use in NZ (R. Stambaugh)
  • Ross Dependency cover (B.G. Vincent)
  • Acting Postmasters W.C. Hayes & S.E. Grimstone (G.I. Robertson)
  • A horticultural freak (J. Elliot)
  • Express Delivery mail - an update (B.G. Vincent)
  • The 2004 $2 Olympic invert (G. Rickards)

June 2004 84/2

  • The 1/- long type fiscal used for postage in 1882 (Robin Gwynn)
  • An Unidentified Provisional (P. Wales)
  • New Zealand Cacheted FDCs 1933 to 1969 (T.C. Thackery)
  • A 5-day 8d Postage Rate in 1873 (M. Benvie)
  • Book Review: SG Catalogue NZ and Dependencies (B.G. Vincent)

March 2004 84/1

  • The 8d long type fiscal used for postage in 1882 (Robin Gwynn)
  • One Penny Universals (F. Parkinson)
  • Frama labels errors and varieties (T. Hancox)
  • Insufficiently Paid markings at Christchurch 1865-1868 (M. Benvie)
  • Trans Antarctic Expedition 1957-58 correspondence (D. Tennant)
  • New Zealand Postage Dues 'second type' 1912 frame plate (T. Jacob)

December 2003 83/4

  • The 6d long type fiscal used for postage in 1882 (Robin Gwynn)
  • An early Waihola cover (Jan-Stefan Landa)
  • The 1964 mid-winter emergency flight - Ross Dependency (Mark Jurisich)
  • The Establishment of the Post Office in Great Britain, 1656 (Adam Miller)
  • Zimbabwe Rhodesia (George Stewart)
  • Donald Roberston - public servant and inventor (G.I. Roberston)
  • The Dunedin oval registered handstamp (Mark Benvie)
  • An Exceptional Gift (Niue SG1 x4 cover) (Robin Gwynn)
  • Book Reviews - The Postal Service of the Gold Coast to 1901

September 2003 83/3

  • The 4d long type fiscal used for postage in 1882 (Robin Gwynn)
  • Express Delivery Mail (B.G. Vincent)
  • Splitting Atoms (G. Russell)
  • Talking Stamps (B.G. Vincent)
  • The use of the fancy 'S' obliterator (M. Benvie)
  • Genealogy meets Philately (R. Bloxham)
  • School Model Post Offices (T.C. Thackery)
  • Two early Vice-Regal covers (G.I. Robertson)
  • Book Reviews - Steam to Tonga & Samoa; British Censorship of Civil Mails During World War I;
    Mails by Rail in New Zealand; An Introduction to Ocean Letters;
    Beating the Odds - The Story of Tattersall's Private Mail Network 1902-1930;
    The Illustrated Avation and Air Mail History of Fiji; The Postal History of Fiji


June 2003 83/2

  • Early use of the 3d - 1/- Second Sidefaces - Part 2 (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Postmarks of Ross Dependency (NZ Antarctic) (Mark Jurisich) major article
  • Bryan Ogier (obit.) (Robin Gwynn)

March 2003 83/1

  • Early use of the 3d Second Sidefaces - Part 1 (Robin Gwynn)
  • First Day covers of NZ postal stamp No 1 (G.I. Robertson)
  • New Zealand impressed duty Stamp Part 1 Commissioners' seals and non-value stamps (G.I.Robertson)
  • Cover to Finland predates recorded references (John Watts)
  • Rhodesia's illegal stamps (George Stewart)
  • The Oceania Exchange Club Seals (Adam Miller)
  • Centennial of the 6d Delivery Stamp (T.C. Thackery)
  • 2d First Sideface perf. 10 x 12.5 pair on large piece (Jan-Stefan Landa)

December 2002 82/4

  • The 1d blue small type fiscal used for postage in April 1882 (Robin Gwynn)
  • An eyewitness account of Niuafo'ou's Tin Can Mail service (Doug Tennant)
  • Varieties of the 1997 Health issue (T.A. Hancox) illus. in colour
  • The Reefton Provisionals revisited (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • The International Commissioner - an observer's view (Jenny Banfield)

September 2002 82/3

  • Early use of the 1d and 2d Second Sidefaces (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 1907-09 redrawn Pictorial issue: the two-step perforating method (Martin Sherwin)
  • Early New Zealand Post Office stationery (G.I.Robertson)
  • Postal Fiscals - what are they and what is their significance? (T.C. Thackery)
  • In search of the Lost Coil (KGV 2d yellow) (Stan Kundin)

June 2002 82/2

  • 1d Second Sideface no wmk perf 11 - an uncatalogued variety (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Penny Universal 'Official' wide pane booklets
  • Designs for the Niue 1950 Pictorial issue
  • King Edward VII and King George V definitives: proving the date of issue (T.C. Thackery)
  • Imperforates of the Triangular Pigeon Post (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • The 2d Chalon - a partial imperforate variety (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • A 'full' sheet of the Marotiri pigeongram (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • The earliest known Takapuna cover (John Watts)

March 2002 82/1

  • 6d Second Sideface - white blotch flaws (Robin Gwynn)
  • The Diamond Mystery (WW1 troopship cancels) (G. Darge)
  • A Unique Postage Due (1d on 1/2d) (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • Two 1935 Pictorial "Official" rarities (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • John Davies - Government Stamp Printer 1862 to 1889 (G.I. Robertson)
  • Richardson printing 2d 'underlap' variety (Jim Shaw)
  • The King George V 1d Field Marshall, 4d recess, 2/- & 3/- Admiral & 1d lettercard plates & dies (Allan P. Berry)
  • KGV 9d OFFICIAL forgery (Ken Elliott)

December 2001 81/4

  • 1940 Centennial 'Official' with inverted overprint (forged) (R.D. Samuel)
  • The 1935 Pictorials Design Competition (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • The 4 March 1864 HEADQUARTERS cover - does it exist? (Gerald J. Ellott)
  • Robert Dougal Samuel (Obituary) (B.G. Vincent)

September 2001 81/3

  • Sideface Corner - 8d SSF, date of issue established (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 1/- Second Sideface with adson & multiple perforations (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • New Zealand Cacheted FDCs to 1933 (T.C. Thackery)
  • The 1932 Provisionals (R.D. Samuel)
  • The 1935 multiple watermark Officials used on cover (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • Commercial and private fiscal cancellation (G.I. Robertson)
  • Ian Drummond Campbell 1910-2001 (Des Hurley)

June 2001 81/2

  • John Richardson - New Zealand's First Stamp Printer (G.I. Robertson)
  • Sideface Corner - 3d compound perf 10x12½ (Robin Gwynn)
  • The 1/- Second Sideface with adson & multiple perforations (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • First Day Cover of New Zealand's only Farthing stamp (T.C. Thackery)
  • VOCo - Vacuum Oil Company (R.D. Samuel)
  • Official Patching (R.D. Samuel)
  • OOPS! (Errors of Fact in 1996 Pictorial Aerogrammes, and re-issues corrected) (R.D. Samuel)
  • Unrecorded Western Samoa stamp essays (Allan P. Berry)
  • Unrecorded Government Life Insurance Department essay (Allan P. Berry)
  • Pitcairn Islands Commercial Mail (Robert P. Odenweller)
  • Wangaroa, also known as...

March 2001 81/1

  • Ringing in the New Century (1/1/1901 postcard)
  • Philatelic Fiction - The Unaddressed First Day Cover (T.C. Thackery)
  • HMAS Stalwart 1985 Releif Voyage to Macquarie Island (Mark Jurisich)
  • The Blue on Gold QV long-type ultra-high value duty stamps (G.I. Robertson)
  • A Post Office by any other name (Wangaroa) (R Gwynn)
  • 2001 Game Bird Habitat Stamp (G.I. Robertson)
  • The 'Email Postcard'

December 2000 80/4

  • The 1 ½d and 2d surface printed KGV definitive stamps (Allan P. Berry)
  • Mixed perfs varieties on Second Sidefaces with Advertisements (Robin Gwynn)
  • Dr F. McB Stewart, one of the Advertisers on the QV 'Second Sideface' issue (Dr. M. Otley)
  • Life Members - Jim Brodie, John McC. Thompson

September 2000 80/3

June 2000 80/2

  • The Kiwiana Jelly Tip (C. Greaves)
  • Maps of New Zealand on the stamps of other Countries (B. Marshall)
  • Map on the 'First to see the New Dawn' stamp - missing (B. Marshall)
  • Introduction and usage of the first impressed duty stamps 1866-7 (G.I. Robertson)
  • L.L.R Hausberg and the Chalon head printing plates (A.P. Berry)
  • Postal Stationery Dies (A.P. Berry)

March 2000 80/1

  • QV Second Sideface Issue : The Advertisers (G.I. Robertson)
  • The 1915 General Grant Expedition (P. Wales)
  • NZ Loose-Leaf Letters (R.D. Samuel)
  • The missing Marlborough Sounds on FDC (T.C. Thackery)
  • The 2000 Gamebird Habitat stamp (G.I. Robertson)
  • Yet More Fictitious QV long-type Duty stamps (G.I. Robertson)

December 1999 79/4

  • The "joined 'ff' variety" of the 1940 Centennial stamps (R.D. Samuel)
  • Charles Begg & Co - The Mechanical Copyright stamps etc (A.J. Miller)
  • Dr Ken McNaught - a Bibliography of Published Philatelic articles (R. Gwynn & R. Startup)
  • Dr Ken McNaught - Manuscripts and 'Grey' Literature (A.P. Berry)
  • The 6d 'no VR' Govt. Life Insurance stamp (A.P. Berry)
  • Rhodes Medal Presentation to Robin Startup

September 1999 79/3

  • Adele Younghusband's Stamp Painting (1898) (P. Brownsey & J. Lloyd)
  • The 6d "No VR" Govt Life Insurance Stamp (R.D. Samuel)
  • The NZ Post Museum Collection (P. Brownsey)
  • New Zealand Stamp Catalogues (R. Gwynn)
  • "Via 'Frisco" - Mail Steamer Services (R. Startup)

June 1999 79/2

  • The So-Called "1882 Provisionals" (R.D. Samuel)
  • Methods of Payment of Honey Levy (G.I. Robertson)
  • The 1906 Springboks (B.G. Vincent)
  • Early Uses of the 1/2d Newspaper Stamp (R Gwynn)
  • Obituary: K J McNaught
  • The Launch of Volume VIII

March 1999 79/1

  • The "Greymouth Provisional" Revisited (R.D. Samuel)
  • The 1932 Adhesive Provisionals with Diagonal Overprint (R.D. Samuel)
  • 1913 Auckland Exhibition FDC - an Australian Stamp Dealer to the Rescue (T.C. Thackery)
  • The Wellington Telephone Exchange Messenger Service (J.W. Brodie)
  • Two more Fictitious Fiscal Stamps (K.J. McNaught)
  • 1999 Game Bird Habitat Stamp (G.I. Robertson)

December 1998 78/4

  • Collecting, Researching and Exhibiting Postal History (N. Banfield)
  • Aerophilately (K. Griffiths)
  • New Zealand Philately & Stamp Collecting in the UK in the 1990s (Allan P. Berry)
  • NZ Philatelic Federation - Past & Future (B. Ogier)
  • Ilsapex '98 (R.D. Samuel)
  • The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund

September 1998 78/3

  • The Full Face Queens - Issued 1852? (T. Thackery)
  • Felix Graf von Luckner - POW Mail (W. Hermann)
  • RPSNZ 16 page Competition (B.G. Vincent)
  • Singpex '98 (B. Ogier)

June 1998 78/2

  • RPSNZ Awards for 1997
  • Forged Mixed Perf Varieties in the First pictorial Issue (R.D. Samuel)
  • First Day Covers - an Update (T.C. Thackery)
  • The Napier 'Double N.Z.' Error of 1908 (R. Startup)
  • The 1 ½d Boer War Contingent in Khaki - Design & Chance (C. Larsen)
  • Fruit Inspection Fee Stamps (G.I. Robertson)

March 1998 78/1

  • Definitive Stamps of Rhodesia through to Zimbabwe (G. Stewart)
  • 1971 And All That (R.D. Samuel [Postal Stationery])
  • 1949 Royal Visit (T.C. Thackery)
  • NZ Stamps - A virtual Album
  • 1998 Game Bird Habitat stamp (G.I. Robertson)
  • China-New Zealand Stamp Exhibition (B. Ogier)

December 1997 77/4

  • Philately and Wireless, 1927 (reprinted from NZSC Vol. VIII, no. 1 1927)
  • Early Uses of the 1920 Victory Issue (T.C. Thackery)
  • The New Zealand Post Office Bulletin (G.I. Robertson)
  • The Music Commemoratives: A Discordant note (R. Gwynn)
  • The Place of Revenues in Philately (C. Ackerman)
  • The 1996 "Teddy Bear" Health Stamps: update (C.G. Capill)
    The Rhodes Medal (R. Gwynn)

September 1997 77/3

  • Submission re The Postal Services Bill (R. Gwynn)
  • The Rhodes Medal (R. Gwynn)
  • The Postal Stationery of the Cook Islands (R.D. Samuel)
  • Apia Post Office Markings (C. Larsen)
  • The Penny Dominion: First Day of Issue (T.C. Thackery)

June 1997 77/2

  • Guest Editorial (R. Gwynn)
  • The Penny Dominion of New Zealand (Paul E. Tyler, M.D.) A major article.
  • Stamp Points Miniature Sheets (C.G.Capill)
  • Postal Services Bill (Deregulating New Zealand postal services)

March 1997 77/1

  • Zebras and Coaches in Rhodesia (G. Stewart)
  • The Envelopes of 1899 (R.D. Samuel)
  • The Game Bird Habitat Stamp (G.I. Robertson)
  • Dear Horace (1901 Lettercard First Day usage) (D. Tennant)
  • NZ & Dependencies - a Philatelic Bibliography (A.P. Berry)
  • A Word Square for Stamp People (G. Neilson)

December 1996 76/4

September 1996 76/3

  • The "Teddy Bear" Health stamps (C.G. Capill)
  • New Zealand P.O.W. Aerogrammes (R.D. Samuel)

June 1996 76/2

  • New Zealand Queen Victoria Sidefaces - OPSO Overprints (R.D. Gwynn)
  • Maurice Conly's Philatelic Archive (P. Brownsey)
  • NZ First Day of Issue & Early Use Covers & Stamps (T.C. Thackery)

March 1996 76/1

  • New Zealand Queen Victoria Sidefaces - Marginal Plate markings (R. Gwynn)
  • New Zealand Philately and the F.I.P. (B. Ogier)
  • The 1932 Stratford Provisional (R.D. Samuel)
  • The 1996 Games Habitat Stamp (G.I. Robertson)

December 1995 75/4

  • Collections of New Zealand at Singapore '95 (R. Gwynn)
  • Award of Rhodes Medal to Gerald J. Ellott RDP, FRPSL, FRPSNZ (R. Gwynn)
  • Perfins on New Zealand Stamps (R.D. Samuel)
  • Stamps Overprinted "Passport Fee" Printings and Usage (G.I. Robertson)
  • The Christchurch Exhibition One Penny Claret - A Major New Discovery (Alan S. Craig)
  • Papua New Guinea Provisional (Brian G. Vincent)

September 1995 75/3

  • 45c Postage drops to 40c
  • A Background to the Introduction of the first Duty stamps (G.I. Roberston)
  • The Greymouth Provisional of 1932 (R.D. Samuel)
  • The 1898 Penny Taupo of New Zealand (Colin Larsen)
  • Obituary: Robert Maurice Conly (Brian G. Vincent)

June 1995 75/2

  • 1914 Newspapers from Samoa (D.A.T. Mee)
  • Paid at Auckland (A.J. Woolfe)
  • Items from NZ Post archives (Colour Supplement)
  • Researching Wreck Covers (R. Gwynn)

March 1995 75/1

  • Fires, Floods or Neglect - A report on the Postal Records of New Zealand (R.M. Startup)
  • A Fresh Look at the 1898 Pictorials (P.E. Capill)
  • 1994/95 Game Bird Habitat Stamp (G.I. Robertson)