2016 Nov Postal Bid Sale


RPSNZ Nov 10th 2016 Postal Bid Sale

is now CLOSED

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See below for links to the illustrated lots.
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    'OR' bids between two similar lots accepted (see Sales conditions)

    You can specific an overall spending LIMIT!

    Bids must be in NZ$ 

    Note - the prices listed are the RESERVE

    Viewing: Lots can be made available for viewing - contact the Sales Manager.


     Illustrated lots:

    Many lots have been scanned and are on our Photobucket site.  They are marked in the catalogue with (P).

    Note that many scans are just sample parts of lots comprising more than one item.

    We use free hosting site PhotoBucket to hold our images. We also add more scans here as people request them.

     (Some scans are quite large. Your browser may be automatically downsizing them to fit on one screen - this causes quality loss. When viewed properly, the larger items can fill two screens, but are large and clear.

    If you're using Internet Explorer, try Tools | Internet Options. Then Advanced tab, and scroll down to the Multimedia section where the option "Enable Automatic Image Sizing" should be turned off. Other browsers have similar settings somewhere.)

    They are numbered from 0018.jpg to 2009.jpg.  Follow the sample link below and edit the JPG number for the lot you are after. Leading 0 as required.


    Some lots with special JPG names or additional scans are named below - cut&paste as above.

    0110_1   0110_2

    0161_1   0161_2

    0250_1   0250_2


    0576_1   0576_2

    0877 ex

    1355_front   1355_back

    1357_front   1357_back

    1416_1 ex   1416_2 ex

    1534 ex

    1570 ex

    1851_1ex1  1851_2ex

    1989_front   1989_back

    1991_front   1991_back

    1996_front   1996_back

    1997_front   1997_back

      Requested Scans