Items of Interest

Linked here are a series of philatelic articles, both in web format or PDF, that students of the philately of New Zealand may find of interest.

Research Aids

Our Library List, our Archives, and a bibliography for Hidden Treasures.

New Zealand's Mailbag tags - a provisional listing

To accompany the article in the June 2019 New Zealand Stamp Collector

NZ Chalon early usage covers  UPDATED 18 May 2020

"Census of known dated items bearing New Zealand Chalons" by Klaus Møller.

"Blitz" Perforations of the 1935 Pictorials

A research paper by Lionel Savins, as an Appendix to the article published in The New Zealand Stamp Collector, Vol. 98/4 December 2018.
Papers and Perforations used during the Printing of the 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand during the London Blitz.

Patriotic Covers of New Zealand

An unpublished manuscript by the late Allan Berry, FRPSNZ.

1898 Essay Competition

In 1895 a competition was held for designs for New Zealand's first pictorial issue.  The RPSNZ collection holds many of the resulting entries, illustrated here.

New Zealand's Early Philatelic Journals

From 1880 to the 1930s, some details and cover images, some with complete PDFs of their first, or another early, issue.

New Zealand's Railway Charges and Railway Newspaper stamps

A pair of online studies by Adam Miller FRPSNZ.

The Establishment of the Post Office, 1656

From the Library of the RPSNZ, this important and rare historic document is displayed, and translated.