Formal Aims

The Society has the primary function of promoting research and publication of results for the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and her Dependencies.

The Society is founded on the following objects, as listed in its Rules:

  1. To arrange and conduct meetings for members and non-members
  2. To exchange ideas relating to philately, and to promote the general advancement of philatelic knowledge
  3. Research into stamps and philatelic material in general
  4. To detect and expose philatelic forgeries and frauds
  5. To form and maintain a library of philatelic literature and a reference collection of New Zealand and other stamps
  6. To sell or otherwise dispose of stamps or other philatelic material among members
  7. At its discretion to co-operate or affiliate with or assist financially or otherwise societies or bodies having objects similar or in part similar to the objects of the Society
  8. To edit or publish books, papers or journals on philately
  9. To promote, support or conduct philatelic exhibitions
  10. To promote and take part in any other action for the benefit of philately in general as it sees fit