We aim to hold at least 11 meetings per year, at various times and places around New Zealand.  
At least two meetings are jointly held with either the Wellington or Hutt Valley Philatelic Society, at their premises and their usual meeting dates.  Occasionally we branch out, holding regional meetings, usually tied to a Stamp Show or Exhibition and run by the local Vice-President or our President.
Our AGM is always held in November, and a Xmas meeting in December.  We don't usually meet in January.
Calendar of meetings 2020 (at the Petone Library Meeting Room, 7:30pm, unless noted)
12th February, Members' Night - Items added to my collection over Christmas & New Year
21st March.  Royal Breakfast at NZ2020.  Paul Woods Recent Research regarding New Zealand Revenue Stamps
8th April.  Cancelled
13th May.  Cancelled
14th June (Sunday 1:30pm).  TBA
8th July. President's Night, Lindsay Chitty.  
24th August. Joint Meeting at Te Papa Archives
2nd September, Waikato Philatelic Society Joint Meeting.  Lindsay Chitty King Country Postcards
13th September (Sunday 1:30pm).  Neil Fenwick, 1898 Pictorials
14th October. TBA
11th November. AGM
9th December. Members' Night - Interesting Items from my Collection