Out of Print Publications

The following are no longer available from the Society but frequently turn up in philatelic sales, particularly our own.
As a guide, some are marked ETP (Expect to Pay), in NZ$, last update August 2015. Price for fine condition, with dust-jacket for Handbooks.


The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Handbooks

The series of handbooks began with Volume 1 in 1938. With Volume X now published, few countries can boast such a continual focused publication of detailed philatelic research. The early volumes occasionally turn up at auctions and change hands for several hundred dollars per volume, or up to $NZ1800 for a full set in good order.

Volume VIII The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
pub. 1998, Ed Brian Vincent, 760pp
Contains New Zealand issues from 1974 to 1996 continuing from Volume VI.
Includes sections on Arms, Government Life, Framas, Road Parcel Labels, Perfins and much more.
(1000 copies printed, about 600 sold, the remainder destroyed.)
ETP $100-120

Volume VII The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
New Zealand Postal History 1820-74,
pub. 1988, K.J. McNaught (Ed), 361pp,. (1000 copies)
ETP $80-120

Volume VI The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
pub. 1977, K.J. McNaught & D.E.G. Naish (Eds), 478pp, 1000 copies
Continues Vol IV, plus Railway stamps
ETP $150-200

Volume V The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
New Zealand Dependencies, Mandated and other Territories
pub. 1967, by R.J.G. Collins. A.R. Burge & C.W. Watts (Eds), 818pp, 1000 copies
ETP $300-350

Volume IV The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
pub. 1964, R.J.G. Collins & C.W. Watts (Eds), 561pp, 1150 copies
Continues Vol II up to 1960
ETP $150-200

Volume III The Postage Stamps of New Zealand,
New Zealand Postal Markings
pub. 1956, R.J.G. Collins & C.W. Watts (Eds), 694pp, 1150 copies
A key NZ Postal History reference.
ETP $250-$300.  An index exists and is sometimes included.

Volume II The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
pub. 1951, R.J.G. Collins & C.W. Watts (Eds) , 408pp, 2000 copies
Updates Vol I 1936-1948. Includes proof pulls from the original Full Face dies.
ETP  $100-150.  Ensure the FFQ colour plates are inside.

Volume I The Postage Stamps of New Zealand
pub. 1938, R.J.G. Collins (Ed), 678pp, 1000 copies
ETP $300-500.  Ensure the FFQ plates are included.



No 21 2013  125 Years of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, Tony Thackery

No 20 2012 The Postmarks of the Ross Dependency, Mark Jurisich

No 18 2011 Treasured Letters - New Zealand Prinsoner of War Air Letter Cards 1941-1945 Barry Scott & Robin Startup

No 17 2009 New Zealand Stamps overprinted "O.P.S.O." (with New Zealand Society of Great Britain). Colin Capill.

No 16 2009 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1873 The Chalon Head Issues (with Royal Philatelic Society London), Robert Odenweller. Also the subsequent Chalon Sorting Guide (2014)

No 14 2004 The Stamps & Postal History of 19th Century Samoa (with Royal Philatelic Society London), Robert Odenweller.

No 13 2004. New Zealand First Day & Early Use Covers & Stamps 1855-2003, Tony Thackery, 450pp

No 12 2001. Mails by Rail in New Zealand, Albert Johnson & Robin Startup

No 11 1993. New Zealand and the Universal Postal Union to 1907, Colin Capill, 133pp

No 10 1989 A Postal History of the Samoan Islands Part II, A.R.Burge (Ed.), 276pp (ETP $40)

No 9 1988 A History of Government Life Postage Stamps, J.W. Brodie, 160pp

No 8 1988. A Century of Philately: A History of New Zealand Stamp Collecting, W. Strachan (Ed.), 289pp (ETP $25)

No 7 1988. New Zealand Arms Type Duty Stamps: The Design Process, A. Dibley, 40pp (ETP $10)

No 6 1987 A Postal History of the Samoan Islands Part 1 1830-1914. Ed A.R. Burge, 136pp (ETP $50)

No 5 1983 New Zealand Railway Charges Stamps: Design and Printing, J.W. Brodie, 56pp,

No 4 1980. The "Second Type" Postage Due Stamps of New Zealand, R.D. Samuel, 42pp (ETP $20)

No 3 1979 New Zealand Railway and Revenue Stamps, J.W. Brodie et al., 53pp (ETP $25)

No 2 1973 The Printing Flaws of the One Penny Dominion 1909-1926, G.G. Fisher, 34pp (ETP $40)

No 1 1953 The Penny Universal of New Zealand, G.R. Lee, 77pp (ETP $80-100)

No 0 1913 The History of New Zealand Stamps, W. Jolliffe, 78pp (ETP $150-200)


Bibliographic Series

2007, The RPSNZ Library - A list of Library Holdings, Adam Miller

1997, The Complete RPSNZ Library Listing, D.E. Hurley, FRPSNZ

1998, Index to The New Zealand Stamp Collector 1919-1994, Adam Miller (Hard-bound edition, limp-bound 2005 reprint edition still available)