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The New Zealand Stamp Collector - Celebrating 100 Years 1919-2019 ~ Brian Vincent & Richard Bloxham ~ 2020
Softcover: 200 pages
$39 ($34 for members)

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Ten new articles celebrating 100 years of our Journal "The New Zealand Stamp Collector":
  1. 100 Years of The New Zealand Stamp Collector - Adam Miller FRPSNZ & Brian Vincent FRPSNZ
  2. New Zealand Chalon Printing Dies 1854 - 1865 - Gerald Ellott MNZM, RDP, FRPSL, FRPSNZ
  3. The New Zealand Chalon Vertical Overlaps of 1863 - Andrew Gould FRPSNZ
  4. New Zealand Chalons cancelled using the Perkins Bacon Obliterators - What more is there to learn? - Klaus Møller
  5. The 1882 ‘Provisionals’ and a new set for catalogue listing - Robin Gwynn RDP, FRPSL, FRPSNZ
  6. The Duplex Perforations of De La Rue & Co. on New Zealand’s 1935-36 Pictorials - Geoff Rickards FRPSNZ
  7. New Zealand Law Courts Revenue Stamps - Mark Benvie FRPSL & Alan Craig FRPSNZ
  8. L Sanderson, Second Secretary/Treasurer of the Philatelic Society of New Zealand - Lindsay Chitty FRPSL, FRPSNZ
  9. Jim Hanna - A History of his Covers - Stephen Jones
  10. Mechanical Copyright Stamps used in New Zealand - Adam Miller FRPSNZ

The Chalon Sorting Guide - Supplement to The Postage Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1873 - The Chalon Head Issues ~ Robert Odenweller ~ 2014
Softcover: 28 pages

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125 Years of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand - Celebrating the Years 1988-2013 ~ Tony Thackery ~ 2013
Softcover: 216 pages

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The Postmarks of Ross Dependency ~ Mark Jurisich ~ 2012
Softcover: 48 pages

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The Post Office at Scott Base opened on 11 January 1957 and closed on 30 September 1987. This definitive monograph by well-known Antarctic researcher Mark Jurisich details the postal cancellations applied at the base and in New Zealand in three parts. The initial period (Post Office period 1957-1987), the mail handling system following the closure of the Scott Base post office (Post Office Period 1987-1994) and the usage of Ross Dependency cancellations after 1987 (Ross Dependency Agency Period 1994-2011).
The A4 size softbound monograph of 48 full colour pages is a comprehensive coverage of this fascinating aspect of New Zealand’s philately.
This received a Silver Bronze at the 13th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, held in Palmerston North, NZ.

The Parcel Carriage Labels of New Zealand ~ Adam Miller ~ 2011
Softcover: 100 pages
$40 ($30 for members)

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Adam Miller has collected together a comprehensive A-Z listing of New Zealand’s parcel carriage labels – over 1100 different from about 70 issuers. Covering from the earliest known from the 1890’s, the book continues through to just before the rise of the peel & stick Courier types, generally around 1980-85. All the well-known names are here, including The New Zealand Express Co., New Zealand Railways Road Services, Midland, Newmans and Mt Cook Lines. Many less well-known companies are also covered, some recorded for the first time, including bus companies such as Blue Bus, Hodgson’s Motors or Strathmore; freight carriers like E. Birch or A.B. Wright; and even launch services carrying packages on their normal mail contract runs. Major and minor varieties of format, separation, colour and font are noted, as are receipt parts, booklets, instructional labels and cancellations. All non-instructional items have been given a rarity rating, from RRR (1-2 copies known) to C (over 50 copies). Most are recorded as less than 10 copies.

There are 4 pages of introductory matter, plus a bibliography and reference section. Deliberately excluded issuers (the more recent Couriers) are listed following the Index. Each copy has affixed to the title leaf a half-pane of 4 of the 20c Johnson’s Launch label overprinted for Kamahi Launch Services.

New Zealand Stamps Overprinted "O.P.S.O." ~ Colin Capill ~ 2010
Softcover: 53 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1873 - The Chalon Head Issues ~ Robert Odenweller ~ 2009
Hardcover: 362 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume IX ~ Robert Samuel ~ 2007
Hardcover: 492 pages

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This volume, the first in full colour, covers New Zealand's Postal Stationery from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth. Written by the late Robert Samuel, this publication will surely become the authoritative work in this field.
The comprehensive chapters deal with postcards, Lettercards, Registered Envelopes, Envelopes, the 1932 Adhesive Provisionals, Newspaper Wrappers, Aerogrammes, Government Department Printed Franks, the 6d King Edward VII Telegraph Form, Stamped Adhesive Labels, Impressed Honey Seal Stamps and Postal Notes.
Also covered are the various private items issued over the years, the Department of Education postcards and envelopes, non-denominated Stationery, and sections on Samoa, Cook Islands and Niue. Robert was New Zealand's expert in this area of collecting and he had brought together all his research in this one volume.
There are two Appendices and a comprehensive checklist to complete this large volume of 492+xvii pages.
GOLD medals at Sydney Stamp Show 2007, St. Petersburg (FIP) 2007 & New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, Palmerston North, 2007, Reserve Grand and Gold at APS Stamp Show 2007

The RPSNZ Library - A List of Library Holdings ~ 2007 Edition ~ Adam Miller ~ 2007
Softcover: 100 pages

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Index to The New Zealand Stamp Collector 1995-2004 & The Newsletter 1947-1973 ~ Adam Miller ~ 2005
Softcover: 50 pages

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The Stamps and Postal History of Nineteenth Century Samoa ~ Robert Odenweller ~ 2004
Hardcover: 392 pages

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New Zealand First Day & Early Use Covers & Stamps 1855-2003 ~ Tony Thackery ~ 2004
Hardcover and Softcover: 450 pages

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Mails by Rail in New Zealand ~ Albert Johnstone & Robin Startup ~ 2001
Hardcover: 206 pages

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Index to The New Zealand Stamp Collector 1919-1994 ~ Adam Miller ~ 1998
Hardcover: 172 pages

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A Bibliography of New Zealand Military Postal History ~ Desmond Hurley ~ 1998
Softcover: 93 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume VIII ~ Brian Vincent ~ 1998
Hardcover: 760 pages

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Contains New Zealand issues from 1974 to 1996 continuing from Volume VI. Includes sections on Arms, Government Life, Framas, Road Parcel Labels, Perfins and much more.

A Bibliography of New Zealand Cinderellas ~ Desmond Hurley ~ 1997
Softcover: 109 pages

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Listing of the Library of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand ~ Desmond Hurley ~ 1997
Softcover: 76 pages

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New Zealand and the Universal Postal Union to 1907 ~ Colin Capill ~ 1993
Softcover: 133 pages

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A Postal History of the Samoan Islands Part II 1914-1989 ~ Richard Burge ~ 1989
Softcover: 276 pages

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A History of Government Life Postage Stamps ~ James Brodie ~ 1988
Softcover: 160 pages

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A Century of Philately - A History of New Zealand Stamp Collecting ~ Noel Strachan ~ 1988
Softcover: 289 pages

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New Zealand Arms Type Duty Stamps - The Design Process 1915-1929 ~ A Dibley ~ 1988
Softcover: 40 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume VII -  - New Zealand Postal History 1820-74 ~ Kenneth McNaught ~ 1988
Hardcover: 361 pages

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A Postal History of the Samoan Islands ~ Richard Burge ~ 1987
Softcover: 136 pages

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New Zealand Railway Charges Stamps - Design and Printing ~ James Brodie ~ 1983
Softcover: 56 pages

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The "Second Type" Postage Due Stamps of New Zealand ~ Robert Samuel ~ 1980
Softcover: 42 pages

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New Zealand Railway and Revenue Stamps ~ James Brodie, FH Jackson, Kenneth McNaught & Ross Craddock ~ 1979
Softcover: 53 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume VI ~ Douglas Naish & Kenneth McNaught ~ 1977
Hardcover: 478 pages

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Continues Vol IV, plus Railway stamps

New Zealand One Penny Dominion 1909-1926 - Printing Flaws ~ George Fisher ~ 1973
Softcover: 34 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume V - The Stamps and Postal History of the Pacific Islands under New Zealand administration, Samoa, and the Ross Dependency ~ Raymond Collins ~ 1967
Hardcover: 818 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume IV ~ Raymond Collins & Campbell Watts ~ 1964
Hardcover: 561 pages

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Continues Vol II up to 1960

New Zealand Post Offices: Alphabetical Index to Volume III "Postage Stamps of New Zealand" ~ Robin Startup ~ 1958
Softcover: 28 pages

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The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume III - New Zealand Postal Markings ~ Raymond Collins & Campbell Watts ~ 1956
Hardcover: 694 pages

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A key NZ Postal History reference. An index exists.

The Penny Universal of New Zealand ~ Gordon Lee ~ 1953
Hardcover: 77 pages

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A detailed study of the booklets and of the 'dot' plates of 1904-1906.

The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume II ~ Raymond Collins & Campbell Watts ~ 1951
Hardcover: 408 pages

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Updates Vol I 1936-1948. Includes proof pulls from the original Full Face dies. FFQ colour plates are inside.

The Postage Stamps of New Zealand ~ Raymond Collins & Harold Fathers ~ 1938
Hardcover: 678 pages

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Includes FFQ plates

The History of New Zealand Stamps ~ William Jolliffe ~ 1913
Hardcover: 78 pages

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