The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand
The premier international society for collectors of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and her Dependencies

Who We Are

The "Philatelic Society of New Zealand" was formed in 1888 by a keen group of stamp collectors based in Wellington. Their aims were based around the formation of a philatelic library, research, and the publication of the results of their studies. The "Royal" prefix was granted in 1946.

A fuller history can be found in the Society's 1988 monograph "A Century of Philately".

The Society aims to be the hub for the more advanced collectors of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand worldwide, as well as for experienced collectors, researchers, writers, exhibitors and judges of all philatelic tastes within New Zealand. Most of New Zealand's notable philatelists, including ten signatories of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists, have been members of the Society.

The Society also takes some responsibility for the advancement of the hobby and relating the wishes of collectors to the stamp issuing authorities of the day. Our members are involved in local and international exhibitions at all levels from exhibiting to judging and we try to have a table at most shows. 

We are informally affiliated with the other "Royals" around the world: Canada, Cape Town, London, Sydney Victoria, and Zimbabwe. We have nearly 300 members with nearly half residing outside of New Zealand.

Rules and Bylaws...

Our Aims

The Society has the primary function of promoting research and publication of results for the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and her Dependencies.

The Society is founded on the following objects, as listed in its Rules:
  • To arrange and conduct meetings for members and non-members
  • To exchange ideas relating to philately, and to promote the general advancement of philatelic knowledge
  • Research into stamps and philatelic material in general
  • To detect and expose philatelic forgeries and frauds
  • To form and maintain a library of philatelic literature and a reference collection of New Zealand and other stamps
  • To sell or otherwise dispose of stamps or other philatelic material among members
  • To co-operate or affiliate with or assist financially or otherwise societies or bodies having objects similar or in part similar to the objects of the Society
  • To edit or publish books, papers or journals on philately
  • To promote, support or conduct philatelic exhibitions
  • To promote and take part in any other action for the benefit of philately in general as it sees fit

What We Do

The Society supports New Zealand philately in a variety of ways:
  • We publish the quarterly journal "The New Zealand Stamp Collector".
  • We publish monographs, and the renowned ongoing series of handbooks "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand".
  • We hold monthly meetings with interesting displays and speakers, in Wellington and elsewhere.
  • We maintain a significant Library and Archive for members to use.
  • We maintain close relationships with other bodies, including the New Zealand Philatelic Federation, local societies, the Alexander Turnbull Library, and NZ Post.
  • We hold bi-annual postal bid sales of material from members, non-members and estates.
  • We have a world-recognised Expert Committee for providing opinions on New Zealand and Pacific Island items.

Our Officers...

Our History...