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  1. 100 Years of The New Zealand Stamp Collector - Adam Miller FRPSNZ & Brian Vincent FRPSNZ
  2. New Zealand Chalon Printing Dies 1854 - 1865 - Gerald Ellott MNZM, RDP, FRPSL, FRPSNZ
  3. The New Zealand Chalon Vertical Overlaps of 1863 - Andrew Gould FRPSNZ
  4. New Zealand Chalons cancelled using the Perkins Bacon Obliterators - What more is there to learn? - Klaus Møller
  5. The 1882 ‘Provisionals’ and a new set for catalogue listing - Robin Gwynn RDP, FRPSL, FRPSNZ
  6. The Duplex Perforations of De La Rue & Co. on New Zealand’s 1935-36 Pictorials - Geoff Rickards FRPSNZ
  7. New Zealand Law Courts Revenue Stamps - Mark Benvie FRPSL & Alan Craig FRPSNZ
  8. L Sanderson, Second Secretary/Treasurer of the Philatelic Society of New Zealand - Lindsay Chitty FRPSL, FRPSNZ
  9. Jim Hanna - A History of his Covers - Stephen Jones
  10. Mechanical Copyright Stamps used in New Zealand - Adam Miller FRPSNZ