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Occasional articles from The New Zealand Stamp Collector will be made available here as PDFs.

Download Article & Tables  Optical Properties of the Chalon Issues, Klaus Møller.  Vol 95/2 June 2015

This is the original and significant 25 page study, which was summarised to 4 pages for the printed journal.
Download 400KB.  Instructional Markings on New Zealand Inland Telegrams, Adam Miller.  Vol 95/2, June 2015.
Download 700Kb. The 1890 3d N.Z. Railways Newspaper Stamp perf 12½, Adam Miller. Vol 94/2 June 2014
Download 13Mb. 'CLEANED': an uncatalogued and all-but-forgotten variety of New Zealand stamps, Geoff Rickards. Vol 91/4 December 2011
This comprises the originally published article, plus some additions bringing it up to date as at July 2014.
Download 2.2MB. New Zealand Wages Tax Summary of Information to 2014, Jim Shaw. Vol 92/2 June 2014
This expands significantly on the published article.
 1946 3d peace pleat.jpg
Download (3.7 MB)  A Pleat to end all Pleats? New Zealand 1946 3d Peace mid-printing pleat, Geoff Rickards & Brian Vincent. V91/3 September 2011

telegram seals type 1b lt blue p10 light blue.jpg

Download (5.58 MB)   Telegram Seals of New Zealand 1910-1962, Adam Miller. V91/1 March 2011
symonds butcher.jpg
Download (1.1 MB)   New Zealand pre-1970 Cinderellas - some new finds, Adam Miller. V90/3 September 2010
 Download (5.1 MB)   Pre-printing paper pleats, Geoff Rickards. V89/1 June 2009
newspaper 1898 1-2d online.jpg
Download (327.89 KB)   The ½d black second sideface used on a Newspaper in 1898, Adam Miller. V88/3 September 2008
Download (2.5MB)   Exhibition Souvenirs produced for the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Exhibitions, Adam Miller
Originally published in three parts V86/4 December 2006, V87/1 March 2007 & V87/2 June 2007
Download (225.86 KB)   Dear Horace (1901 lettercard first day of use), Doug Tennant. V77/1 March 1997
Download (108.16 KB)   The Teddy Bears enjoy their picnic, Robin Gwynn. V76/4 December 1996

Download (340KB)  A. Eady & Co - The Mechanical Copyright stamps etc, Adam Miller V76/4 December 1996.