The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Library

The Society established a library at the outset, with the first listing being published in 1895. A fire in 1906 destroyed the original library but stocks were soon re-established.

The Library seeks to obtain publications about Philately according to these priorities:
  1. New Zealand topic, or any Philatelic topic where published in New Zealand, or by a Society member. Includes New Zealand Dependencies
  2. Antarctica, Australia and local Pacific Islands. General philatelic interest, such as Exhibiting, Forgeries, Cinderellas, Postal History.  Indexes and Bibliographies.
  3. Historical research relating to Priority 1 philatelic study e.g. Military history publications, NZ shipping registers.
  4. British Commonwealth, especially Great Britain; USA; Asia

These run across collecting themes of Stamps, Postal History, Postcards, Thematics, Postal Service etc. 

Philately, at the advanced research level, involves serious historical inquiry.  In addition to the consideration of stamps and covers, it analyses cancellations, postal routes, methods of mail transportation and delivery, locations of stamps on a pane or block, method of printing, types of paper, ink, adhesive (or lack thereof), and printing errors.  Our permanent holdings should aim to support this research in our areas of priority.

As at 2015 the Library holds around 1400 books & monographs, over 500 catalogues and dealer listings, 300 Exhibition publications and 360 journal titles.  Around 1000 specialised auction sale catalogues and a further 100 different issuers of general auction sales are retained.  Many items of grey literature and more ephemeral material are held on the Miscellaneous Papers section. Finally, over 120 copies, some in colour, of various exhibition entries and members’ collections are also held.

The current library list is available here.

Members are welcome to browse the Library during normal Office hours. Books can be borrowed by members in person, or by mail within New Zealand (with the member covering the postage costs both ways). Requests can be emailed to the Office.

Online Library

In 2020, we established an online library, initially containing a complete set of issues of the New Zealand Stamp Collector, ten years of issues of Royal Lines, and a few other titles, this collection of digital documents is expected to grow quickly. Members and the public are welcome to browse the titles available, but the documents themselves are only available to (logged in) members.