The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Members

Members who have chosen to share their interests / websites / email addresses

Lindsay Armstrong

NZ Postal History and Postal Markings
Re-used envelopes
Part-time dealer in stamps and collectible cards

Norman and Jenny Banfield

Russia to 1930, esp. Censorship

Richard Bloxham

NZ 1898 & 1935 Pictorials
NZ Dependencies
Pre-War Papua and New Guinea

Lindsay Chitty

New Zealand Full Face Queens
New Zealand 1898 Pictorials
Postal use of the 1931 Arms-type stamps
Irregular use of New Zealand stamps
Maoritanga of New Zealand
King Country Postcards
Postcards of the Great White Fleet visit to New Zealand 1908
Prisoner of War correspondence, Japanese occupation of the Far East WWII
Repatriation mail Japanese occupation of the Far East WWII
Civilian Internee mail Japanese occupation of the Far East WWII
The Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp WWI stamps, postal history, postcards and drawings
The South African Homelands
Lindsay Chitty Philatelist

Bruce Graves

Mint New Zealand simplified
Used New Zealand specialised
Honey Seals
Dates from 01/01/1901 to 31/12/97 (That's only 36,525 stamps)
Manawatu Postal History
New Zealand Philatelic Literature
British Commonwealth to end of George VI
Palmerston North Stamp Centre

George Henshilwood

Early NZ stamps & postmarks

David Holmes

Auckland City Stamps
Campbell Paterson

Earle Howe

NZ Chalons & early Thailand
Nustamps (Auckland)

John Kilpatrick

Kadine Stamps

Luca Lavagnino

Napoleonic period: Italian conquered departments
Postal relations Great Britain - France 1793 - 1815
Jamaica pre-stamp
Samoa "palm trees" issues
Philatelic Literature

Ross Marshall

Post WWI inflation (Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary)
Soviet Antarctica
New Zealand Coal

Ted Martin

New Zealand Mint and Used
George VI

Adam Miller

Mechanical Copyright stamps (ex 78's)
Local bus parcel & courier labels
New Zealand's Freight and Courier labels

Klaus Moller

NZ in general, Chalons in particular

John Mowbray

Full time dealer and licensed auctioneer.
New Zealand, Australia, GB, Pacific Is., General World material.
Monthly postal auctions.
Mowbray Collectables

Andrew Murphy

NZ Postal History and Postal Markings
NZ Chalon’s specialised
NZ pre decimal specialised
NZ Fakes, Forgeries, Proofs and Essays
Australian States

Claude Ostfeld

Italian Region
British Commonwealth

Stephen Prest

King George VI New Zealand - Stamps, Postal Stationery & Rates
Uprated Postal Stationery of New Zealand - 1935 Pictorials & KGVI
Short-paid mail to/from New Zealand 1937-54
King George VI New Zealand
George VI Study Group of the British North America Philatelic Society

Brian Rumsey

N.Z. especially Chalons
Dealer with postal auctions of NZ and worldwide
Ashford Stamps

James Shaw

NZ Wages tax stamps

John Shirley

NZ esp. QEII

Les Silson

NZ General
NZ Dependencies before Independence

Andrew Spence

New Zealand Revenues

John Stimson

NZ Second Sidefaces

Tony Thackery

First day & earliest use covers of New Zealand

Brian Vincent

New Zealand, Bhutan stamps and postal history, Sikkim revenues, rugby, jazz and space thematics
Editor Volumes VIII and IX of the Postage Stamps of New Zealand
Past-Editor New Zealand Stamp Collector

Paul Wales

All New Zealand and Antarctica
Classic Stamps

Tony Ward

George V plate singles, George VI plates, all coils, pictorials

Don White

Dunedin Stamp Centre

Mike Wilkinson

NZ General
GB General

Andrew Williamson

NZ, NZ/Cook Is overprinted issues, Alternative Postal Operators

Richard Wooders

The Complete Stamp Company

Paul Wreglesworth

NZ Definitives to 1970.
Specialist interests 1882 Second Sideface Issue (stamps, postal history of period and 1893 advert issue)
New Zealand Marine POs
New Zealand TPOs and RPOs

Steven Zirinsky

Postal History
Zirinsky Stamps