Join the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand

Membership costs just $69 per year and is open to everyone over the age of 18.
Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Your first subscription will be pro-rated by the issues of the New Zealand Stamp Collector remaining to be published during the membership year.

Benefits of Membership

The New Zealand Stamp Collector
Originating in 1919 as the house journal of a Christchurch stamp dealer, since 1971 this has been published by the Society.  A4 size, full colour. Published in March, June, September and December.

Discounts on our internationally recognised Expertisations

Monthly meetings and displays
We hold five to ten meetings per year at various times and places around New Zealand, and at least four Zoom meetings. At least two meetings are held jointly with either the Wellington or Hutt Valley Philatelic Societies at their premises and on their usual meeting dates.  Occasionally we hold regional meetings, usually tied to a Stamp Show or Exhibition and run by the local Vice-President. Our AGM is held in November and a Christmas meeting is held in December.

Regular Current Sale
Twice a year (usually) we hold a postal bid sale comprising 1000-1500 lots.

A major Philatelic Library & Archive
The Library is available for browsing and borrowing during Office Hours (see the page footer) or by arrangement with the Librarian. The Society maintains an Archive of historic research material relating to the stamps and postal history of New Zealand which can be studied onsite by members.

Access to our Online Library
Created in 2020, our online library contains a growing collection of books and serials in electronic form.

Discounts on Publications
Since 1938, the Society has published the definitive series of Handbooks on the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and her Dependencies.  Monographs on a variety of topics are also published from time to time.  Members enjoy privileges in obtaining copies of these works.

Awards and Honours
The Society has a selection of awards and honours which it may confer.

How to Join

1. Submit the Application for Membership form below.

2. The application will be considered by Council at their next meeting (usually at the end of each month).

3. Once the application is accepted we will email you an invoice for the subscription amount (usually early the following month).

4. Pay the subscription amount (usually by Direct Credit or online Debit/Credit Card payment).

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