The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Sales

The Society sells material on behalf of members and their estates, and material that has been donated, through TradeMe and via postal sales. TradeMe sales are always running. Postal sales used to be run twice yearly but have become much less common--the most recent having taken place in January 2020. Members are notified when postal sales are being held and details posted on this page.

Advice to the Public

Although we don't buy stamps or sell on behalf of the public we are happy to assist with the disposal of collections by providing independent and knowledgeable advice.

If you can bring your collections in to our office we will review the material and give you an idea of its likely worth and some suggestions on how and where you would be best disposing of it. There is no charge for the service but you will need to leave the material with us for a few weeks. If you are unable to bring your collection in, we may be able to visit you.