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Problems with the June issue of the NZSC

We had a number of problems with the printing of the June issue of the NZSC, and it turns out we have had more.

We believed that copies had finally been posted out yesterday (July 27). Unfortunately, what was posted was a reprint of the March issue, which members have already recieved.

We have contacted the Printer and they will now print the June issue, and those issues will be posted as soon as possible: hopefully by the end of next week.

We apologise for the inconvenience and the delay and trust that members will enjoy sharing their additional March copy with a friend or within the local community, or as a backup!

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Meetings this Month

7:30 pm Wednesday August 10
Petone Library

"President's Night"

7:30 pm Monday August 22
Te Papa Archives

"NZ Pre-Stamp Correspondence"
Joint Meeting with the Wellington Philatelic Society

Upcoming Meetings

7:30 pm Thursday September 1 (Zoom)
7:30 pm Wednesday October 12 (Petone)
7:30 pm Thursday November 1 (Lower Hutt)
7:30 pm Thursday November 3 (Zoom)
7:30 pm Wednesday December 14 (Petone)

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