The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand
The premier society for collectors of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and its Dependencies

Who We Are

The "Philatelic Society of New Zealand" was formed in 1888 by 15 stamp collectors based in Wellington. Their principle objects were the formation of a library; research, and the encouragement of research; and the dissemination of knowledge. The "Royal" prefix was granted in 1946. Most of New Zealand's notable philatelists--including eleven signatories of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists--have been members of the Society.

Today, we aim to be the global hub for advanced collectors of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand, as well as for experienced collectors, researchers, writers, exhibitors and judges of all philatelic tastes within New Zealand. We have nearly 300 members with nearly half residing outside of New Zealand and our members are involved in local and international exhibitions at all levels from exhibiting to judging. 

What We Do

  • maintain a significant library of philatelic literature and a reference collection of New Zealand and other stamps for members to use.
  • publish books, journals and papers on philately including the quarterly journal "The New Zealand Stamp Collector" and the renowned series of handbooks "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand".
  • run bi-monthly meetings in Lower Hutt and around the country with topical displays and speakers.
  • run bi-monthly internationally accessible Zoom meetings.
  • run and support philatelic exhibitions.
  • provide internationally recognised opinions on New Zealand and Pacific Island items, and detect and expose philatelic forgeries and frauds.