The Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand

The Expert Committee is a group of New Zealand's leading philatelists. It offers internationally respected opinions on the identity and genuineness of New Zealand and Pacific Islands philatelic material. The committee is affiliated to the AIEP and is on the Register of Expert Examiners of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (for consultation re. philatelic material being considered for export).

It offers a service to New Zealand and overseas philatelists, stamp dealers and members of the public. Members of the Society are eligible for a substantial discount.

Items submitted are reviewed by at least two members of the Committee who submit reports to the Recorder. If the reports agree that the item is genuine, the Recorder issues a Certificate of Opinion. Each Certificate is individually numbered, includes a colour photograph of the item, and bears the official stamp of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand. If the reports do not agree, the items are submitted to further members until a consensus is reached.

Payment by draft must be in New Zealand dollars against a New Zealand bank.  We can also accept payment by direct credit, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

The return of items to destinations outside NZ is by Signature-Required Courier. Overseas remitters therefore incur an additional fee per package (a package can hold several items up to an Insurance Limit).


Fee = $150 per item.

Fee (for members) = $75 for the first/only item + $60 for each additional item submitted at the same time.

Fees are still chargeable even if the item cannot be given certification after having been examined by the panel.

No charge is made if the item cannot be examined due to lack of knowledge of the panel.

Fees include return postage of items within New Zealand. If items are to be returned overseas there is an additional charge for postage:
$30 to Australia
$40 to Asia or the South Pacific
$50 to the rest of the world.

Items are normally returned within 6-8 weeks.
The Society will take all reasonable care of items, and items in transit from the Society are covered by our insurance. 
Items submitted for expertisation should be fully insured by their owners on their journey inwards to the Society.

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